How Do I Change My Rounting Number On Cash App? Change From 073 To 041 Routing Number.


Square’s Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment application widely used in the USA or the UK. A cash app is an application that is used to receive and make payments to and from friends and family members flawlessly. It is also important to understand that your transaction details are kept as a record which can include your location, your bank name, and many others. Similarly, there is a term called a routing number. What is it? How Do I Change My Rounting Number On Cash App? Let’s uncover all related to cash app routing numbers.

Is It Possible To Change My Rounting Number On Cash App?

To change the cash app routing number, you need to open a new cash app account. Otherwise, there is no other way by which you can change your routing number.

Cash app routing number created when your account is opened. It is basically decided upon the location on which your account gets opened.

What is a Routing Number?

Your routing number is a nine-digit code that is decided on the basis of your location where the account was opened. There are basically two kinds of routing number: 073 923 033 which is a new cash app routing number and are from Lincoln Savings Bank. And the other one is 041 215 663 which is from the Sutton Bank.

It is the very first collection of numbers that are published on the left side of the checks. It’s also called the ABA routing number.

Routing numbers are helpful for your direct deposits credited to your account easily.

Does Cash App Have A Routing Number and Account Number?

The answer to this question is “Yes.” You will get to see the routing number just beside your cash app balance.

The routing number is assigned by the cash app depending upon the location where your account was opened. It could be 041215 663 or 073 923 033.

It is important to keep in mind that these different routing numbers are issued by different banks which together work for the cash app itself.

041215 663 is from the Sutton Bank and 073 923 033 is from the Lincoln Savings Bank.

Yes, the cash app has an account number issued to each user to give them an identity of the account. cash app account number is 10 digits while the routing number on the cash app consists of 9 digits.

How to Find Your Cash App Routing number?

  • For a head start, you need to launch Cash App on your device.
  • After that, move to the “My Cash” section.
  • Next, touch the “Cash” menu.
  • Choose, “Get Account Number”
  • Click on the “Enable Account” tab.
  • Press on “Copy Account Details.”
  • Click on the section containing “Copy Routing Number.”
  • At last, you can write your routing number or copy it from there to your notepad.

How to Find Cash App Account Number?

In order to find out the cash app account number, do these steps:

  • Launch cash app.
  • Move to the “My Cash” option.
  • Click on the green color “$” icon.
  • Tap “Get Account Number.”
  • Now at last, “Copy Account Number” to your clipboard.

How Do I Change my routing number on Cash App?

To change your routing number on the cash app, you need to:

  • Move from one place or location to another.
  • Or, create a new cash app account.

The easiest way to change your cash app routing number is to change your location. When you move from one location to another, it becomes easy for you to change your routing number as per the location.

On the other hand, you can also change it by visiting your profile section and fill the address as per the location.

How to change routing number on cash app to 073 from 041

In order to change the routing number, you need to create a new cash app account if you wish to change from 041 to 073.

Changing the cash app routing number is easy, what you need to do is to create a new account only.

Or, go to the cash app personal section, click on the “Personal” tab. Change the address to a different location or state of the United States.

What is my new Cash App routing number?

The new routing number is 073923033, and the other number is 073905527.

The reason why a new routing number is preferable is that it allows more features and options to speed up the direct deposits.

Cash app is linked with the Lincoln Savings Bank which has 17 branches across the US and also has 22 routing numbers.

So, as you move to different places in the USA, your routing number will be changed accordingly.

Cash app changed my Routing Number

The need for the routing number arises to enable direct deposits. So, at the time of activating the cash app card, you will have a new account and the routing numbers.

Now you would be thinking

How to find your Changed Routing Number?

Here are the steps that will help you find your changed routing number:

  • Initially, launch Cash App.
  • Pick the “My Cash” tab
  • Then, press the “Cash” tab and move down to locate and click the “Get Account Number” option.
  • Select “Enable Account” from the next screen.
  • At last, you will see your account number and your routing number displayed on the screen.

How To Change Account On Cash App/Bank Info?

In case you are having issues with your current added bank on cash app, you have permission to change it. For that, follow the steps:

  • Get into the cash app.
  • Click on the “Bank Account.”
  • Choose the bank that you wish to change.
  • Tap the “Remove/Replace” option.
  • Fill in the new details of your new account.
  • Finally, confirm the details by clicking on the confirmation button.

How To Contact Cash App Support For New Routing Number?

To contact the cash app support team for a new routing number, follow these steps:

  • Fetch the cash application on your Smartphone.
  • Choose the “Profile” section.
  • Click on the ‘Support’ option and choose the ‘Something Else’ tab.
  • Explain the issues you are dealing with.
  • Finally, tap on the “Contact support” to connect with the cash support team.

Final Words!

How Do I Change My Rounting Number On Cash App? We have covered it in this post.

Routing numbers are decided on the basis of the location where your cash app account was opened. It is a 9 digit long number and can be found easily beside the cash app account number on the cash application.

It is basically useful to enable direct deposits. If you have a new routing number, it helps you to allow new features and more options when it comes to direct deposits.

Hoping this was an informative blog! In case of having issues related to your cash app routing number, you can contact the cash app support team.

Moreover, to find the quickest solution drop your doubts in the comment below!

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