How To Add Money To Cash App Card? Where To Load Money In Cash Card?


Cash app is known for its amazing features which provide benefits in terms of saving time, and money to the users. It has a Debit card which costs nothing to the user. To get the cash card, the user needs to do a few formalities by ordering the card. The card will be fetched to your location after some time. Cash app users get so many features without paying an extra penny; however, there are a few things that could be a little tense for you. One of them is adding money to the cash app card. Indeed, there is nothing big about loading your card, however, there are many who are novices or do not have an idea about cash app cards. In that case, the common question that is asked How To Add Money To Cash App Card And where? Let us explore it and try to get where actually your card can get loaded. Continue reading…

For a short intro, I would like to inform you a little bit about how cash app card loading happens.

A cash card is a Debit card issued by the cash app for its verified users to use for buying anything online or in stores as other debit cards.

Note: Cash card is a Debit VISA card, hence is useful where the VISA cards are accepted.

A cash card is issued by the cash app when you apply for the card. There is a complete process to apply for a Debit card.

Credit cards can also be used with the cash app. Matter of fact, by using credit cards users need to pay an extra amount as credit cards require more service maintenance as compared to Debit cards.

Let us start our blog from the very first question,

What Store Can I Load my Cash App Card?

Once you ordered a cash card and got it, now to make your cash card useful you need to load the funds into it. How do you do that? Not a big deal!

In order to load money in your cash app, you need to visit the departmental stores. These stores are available in almost every city in the USA. What they do is, help you to load money into your card and in return, you need to pay the respected amount along with the extra amount that is being charged for the service.

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Basically, you need to visit the stores of your choice and get your card loaded.

In this particular section, we would be focusing on the name of different departmental stores available for this purpose. So, let’s see…

There are a few stores that work to load funds to your cash card.

  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid.
  • Dollar Tree.
  • 7-Eleven/ 711 Stores
  • Dollar General.
  • ATM (Currently not available)

Is your card balance running low? Finding ways to load your cash card?

Basically, a Cash card could be loaded by three methods or processes.

  • In stores.
  • Online
  • Ask a friend to load money into your cash card.

Without delay, let’s uncover this too.

How can I Load my Cash App Card?

If you are someone who does not have much knowledge about loading your card online, you can load it by physical money in stores.

I will tell you how.

In order to load your cash card with the physical amount, you need to visit the nearby stores, visit the cash counter, ask the cashier to load the funds, there would be cashing fees to load the physical money via stores.

 Can you Add Money to your Cash App Card?

Yes, you can add money to your cash app card both online and in-stores. For loading cash into your cash card, you need to visit your cash app account, move to the bank section and find out the “My Cash” tab. After that, click on the “Add Cash” section and fill amount that you wish to load into your card.

Your cash card is very much useful for you as it gives ease to you by providing several options to load it and make it usable without any extra charges.

Keep in mind that your cash card is linked to your cash app balance, which means if you have money in your cash app balance, your card will have the amount access as well.

Can you Add Money to Cash App without Debit Card?

Do think it’s possible? Well, it is. Here’s how:

You can add money to the cash app even if you do not have your debit card. But, for the process, you need to have a bank account.

In case your bank account is already linked to your bank account, it becomes easy for you to add funds to your cash app card. Everything is easy when it comes to cash apps.

Wait for a while until we reach the actual process of adding money to your cash card. Till then, keep grasping important information about the cash app.

You would be wondering,

How to Add Cash to Cash App Card?

Without doing a late, let’s discuss the steps:

  • Primarily, launch cash app.
  • Then, move to the home screen and click on the “My Cash” section located left of the screen.
  • After that, on the “My Cash” page, click on “Add Cash”.
  • Fill in the amount you wish to add to your card.
  • After you fill in the amount, simply click on the “Add” option.
  • Confirmation is asked, make it done.
  • At last, use Touch ID or Password or Pin code to confirm the transaction.

How to Load a Cash app Card without a bank account?

Earlier we have seen how we can add money to a cash cards without having Debit Card. In this particular section, will see how to add funds to a cash cards if do not have a bank account.

If any user does not possess his bank account, he or she still can load the funds easily. What they need to do is to ask your friends to load the amount into your cash app wallet and you can pay them in cash.

Alternatively, if the first option does not work, he or she can visit any nearby departmental stores to load the card. Keep in mind, visiting departmental stores are subject to pay extra charges for the services.

Loading cash in stores seems a lot easier but requires you to pay extra money as a charge.

Earlier, there was no facility available to load your cash card except via debit card or bank account.

In today’s time, there are departmental stores that are actively working on the process.

Let us take a tour of each store and find out how the cash card funds loading process works here. Starting from,

How to add money to Cash App card at Walgreens?

Walgreen is an American company working to provide your pharma products and all sort of products such as skincare, Groceries, Cosmetics, Electronics, and many more.

Here is the process to load money here.

  • Initially, take a tour of your nearby Walgreens store.
  • Move to the cashier sitting at the billing counter.
  • After you reach, ask the cashier about loading your loading cash card purpose.
  • The cashier might ask for your contact details to check your past visitings. If you are a regular visitor of the store, you may waive off till $4.
  • Give the physical cash to the cashier for loading your funds.
  • The cashier will load the funds in a few minutes.

Coming to the next store,

How to add money to your Cash App card at Walmart?

You must have been thinking about whether Walmart charges for its services? Well, the answer is ‘Yes.’

You need to pay the services charges in order to load your cash card in any Walmart store.

Note: The thing to understand is, not all Walmart stores have cash loading facilities. So, it’s better to check whether the store you are about to visit has this facility or not.

Otherwise, if you have confirmed and the store has this facility, good going! Visit the store, ask the cashier if you wish to load your cash card. He or she may ask for your credentials such as contact details. Provide the contact number.

Tell them the amount which you want to add and hand over the amount in cash to them. After a few times, you will receive your amount loaded on your card.

Does Walmart charge a fee for adding money to a Cash App card?

Yes, it does charge a fee for loading money to a cash card. But, the amount is not fixed for the purpose.

You need to provide your cash app ID and details which are essential to load the funds. The cashier will take care of all the features.

How to load my Cash App card at the Dollar General store?

Coming to another store known as Dollar General Store can also be used to load your cash card. Before that, won’t you understand what the Dollar General Store is?

Well, Dollar General Stores are the stores that are beneficial for your day-to-day life accessories. You can buy anything required for day-to-day life.

Here are the steps required to load money into your cash card at Dollar General Store.

  • Initially, walk in the Dollar Store.
  • Next, ask the cashier sitting over there to load the cash card.
  • After that, share your phone number with the cashier and give your cash card to them.
  • Then, make payment to the cashier the amount and the fee charges that is supposed to be $4 for loading the cash card.
  • Once the card is loaded, you can now use your card to make purchases and for anything.

Can you load a Cash App card at 7-eleven stores?

It is also possible to load your cash card at 711 stores with the help of cash deposit partners.

At the 7 eleven stores, you need to ask the cashier if you wish to add the respected funds. After that, provide the credentials and card and the amount as well.

The process is quite similar to loading the amount in your Cash app.

Can I load My Cash App Card at CVS?

Yes, it is possible to load funds to your cash app card at CVS. Visit CVS store and ask the cashier to load funds, provide all required things and the amount.

The process of loading funds at CVS stores is similar to other stores while the fee may differ.

How to Check Cash App Card balance after loading money into it?

In order to check the card balance after you get loaded, you need to follow these steps:

After visiting and loading your cash card from any of the stores, you need to check the balance of your cash app card.

Here’s how:

  • Launch your cash app on your Smartphone.
  • Get into your Cash app account.
  • Next, click the “$” sign located on the right side of the home screen.
  • Here you will see your current cash app balance.


Cash app allows users to add money to their cash card just by simply visiting any nearby stores or online as well.

Are you also one of them seeking ways to How To Add Money To Cash App Card?

If so, we have covered all the required information necessary to load the funds to your cash card.

To load money on a cash card, you will be charged with the service fee for loading your funds.

Alternatively, you can also load your cash app just with the online process that is absolutely free.

Similarly, you can take the help of your friends and family members, to load the funds into your cash wallet and pay them in cash.

We have defined processes from visiting loading your cash card at the different stores.

It is a little long post, but most important as well.

In case of facing any issues, feel free to drop your doubts in the comment section.

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